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Spring '17

Creative writing / LaTeX / Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / video production / voiceover: Course project for ENGL 3060 (Modern and Contemporary Literature)
Re-Recording the Record: Pseudotranslation and Pseudotranscription in Media and Reality
A 52-minute video essay analyzing source materials from film, television, literature, and more.
[.pdf with proposal, script, and references]

Technical writing / conference presentation: Poster for 2017 CURE Symposium and MCDB 2171 (Drosophila melanogaster lab)
An investigation of 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone exposure to fruit fly eggs.
(Click image at right to enlarge.)

LaTeX / intellectual property law: Review sheet for CHEN 4630 (Intellectual Property Law)
An overview of patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and case studies. [.pdf] 

LaTeX / technical writing / chemical engineering: Final project for CHEN 4530 (Chemical Engineering Design)
Client: ExxonMobil
"Coker Gas Plant Design."
A refinery design for separating light gases from a coking unit with financial, economic, and environmental analyses, developed with Erik Magnuson, Galen Roda, Andrew Burns, and Connor Miksch. [.pdf]

LaTeX / creative writing: Personal project (fictitious oral history)
"Journal of the American Uncanny: An Oral History of Strange Happenings in Bodie, California."
My attempt at marrying the styles of John Steinbeck and H. P. Lovecraft in a fictional research paper. [.pdf]


Fall '16

Technical writing / chemical engineering: Final project for CHEN 4520 (Chemical Process Synthesis)
"Vinyl Chloride Production in Direct Chlorination and Oxychlorination-based Systems."
An examination of two plant designs as simulated in Aspen Plus for producing vinyl chloride from economic, environmental, safety, and efficiency perspectives, written with Lucas Karasek, Aaron Lipsey, and Kaela Siapush. [.pdf]

Technical writing / metabolic engineering: Final project for CHEN 4803 (Metabolic Engineering)
"Terpene and Terpenoid Biosynthesis in a COBRApy Model of E. coli." 
A COBRApy modeling study of biosynthesis in E. coli to produce a taxol precursor, a ginkgolide B precursor, and ∆9-THCA, written with Galen Roda and Christopher Sterling. [.pdf]

Spring '16

LaTeX / interview / technical writing: Course projects for CHEN 4090 (Senior Seminar)

  • "Engineering Ethics: CRISPR Gene Editing."
    A review written with Erik Magnuson on recent advances in genetic engineering and their corresponding ethical concerns. [.pdf
  • "An Interview with Dr. DJ Ozzello."
    An interview with one of America's most entertaining physicians, covering topics like job satisfaction and personal identity in healthcare. [.pdf]

LaTeX / financial analytics: Final exam notecard for BUSM 3002 (Business Analytics)
A highly condensed analytics exam crib sheet containing information and equations relating to financial planning, forecasting, ratios, time value of money and annuities, bonds and stocks, and capital budgeting. For printing on a standard 4x6 notecard. [.pdf]

Resolution writing: Working paper drafted for National Model United Nations (Represented Guyana in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) 
A UN-style resolution sponsored by Guyana, Italy, Mexico, Panama, and Portugal, assisted by Oxfam International (Emilia Rebelo, Zuleyma Aguilar, Tara Kwan, Lucia Ba, and Patrick Dorsey, respectively). [.pdf]

LaTeX / biomaterial design: Course project for CHEN 4805 (Biomaterials)
"Lumbago Embargo: Replacing damaged nuclei pulposi with stress-responsive drug-eluting hydrogels."
A proposal for a drug-eluting hydrogel implant designed to replace compromised nucleus pulposus, developed with Aaron Lipsey, Christopher Sterling, Haley Manchester, and Caitlin Ritz. Caveat: this project was designed by students and might be laughable in practice. [proposal.pdf; executive summary.pdf]


NMUN 2016

New York, New York

Logo made in Adobe Illustrator for CHEN 4805 project, Spring '16.


Fall '15

Creative writing / LaTeX / Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / video production / voiceover: Course projects for WRTG 3030 (Writing and Rhetoric – Science and Society)

  • "Frequent Flyer: Why Isn't Dad Dead Yet?" 
    A creative nonfiction personal narrative published in  Journal 2020, available to read on the journal site.
  • "Diseased Charity: Examining the inconsistencies between cancer incidence, mortality rates, and charitable funding."
    A discussion of where cancer-related money goes and how people choose to donate. [.pdf
  • "God Knows Where I Am Q&A."
    A Q&A-based response to Rachel Aviv's classic article "God Knows Where I Am" in the New Yorker. Read her piece here before reading my response. [.pdf]
  • "Roundup Ad." (detail at right)
    Made in Illustrator and Photoshop, an homage to the cigarette-smoking doctors of old Camel and Marlboro advertisements, modernized with Monsanto. [.pdf]
  • Don't Trust Your Ears: Physical and Digital Sound Manipulation. (Honorable Mention, 2016 Mackison Writing Prize)
    A 22-minute video essay detailing the physics of sound and how sounds can be differentiated and manipulated.
    [.pdf with proposal, script, and references]

LaTeX / applied math: Review sheet for CHEN 3010 (Applied Data Analysis)
An overview of combinations, permutations, and probability distribution functions of continuous and discrete random variables. [.pdf]

Spring '15

Adobe Illustrator / InDesign / Photoshop: Tutoring project (CU Rebrand)
An attempted rebranding proposal for the University of Colorado, built around a union of the Colorado flag and the CU buffalo logo and text brought to me by one of my pupils. [images below]

LaTeX / chemical engineering: Course project for CHEN 3200 (Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics)
A proof of why honeybees can fly and an explanation of why a French guy once said that they couldn't, written with Samuel Payne, Caitlin Ritz, Patrick Doan, and Josh McDaniel. [.pdf]

LaTeX / applied math: Course projects for APPM 2360 (Differential Equations and Linear Algebra for Engineers) 
More weirdo math writing based on Mathematica code written by co-authors Andrés Gándara and Benjamin Cloud.

  • Project 1: A survey of brown trout populations as modeled by differential equations. [.pdf]
  • Project 2: An applied facial recognition model in Matlab (code included). [.pdf]
  • Project 3: A Matlab-based tutorial on modelling pendulums. [.pdf]  


Fall '14

LaTeX / applied math: Course projects for APPM 2350 (Calculus 3 for Engineers) 
Mathematical analysis and bizarre commentary based on Mathematica code written by co-authors Andrés Gándara and Benjamin Cloud.

  • Project 1: An exploration of tangent, normal, and binormal vectors through a space-pirate narrative, featuring an existential AI. [.pdf]
  • Project 2: An extended discussion of the 1-D and 2-D wave equations, presented with animations (viewable in Adobe Reader) and other visual renderings. [.pdf]
  • Project 3: A "fiscally responsible guide to winning the elliptical race," explaining applied vector mathematics through parameterized ship racing. [.pdf]  


Fall '13

VBA / sports statistics: Course project for GEEN 1300 (Introduction to Engineering Computing)
An NBA statistics projection calculator based on weighted data from previous season/preseasons. [.xlsm]

Low-poly render of Kobe Bryant made Summer '14 in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

(Some hilarious high school projects will land here eventually...)