I'm Bruce.

I'm interested in all kinds of stuff: reading, writing, music, design, typesetting, rhetorical analysis, synthetic chemistry, nanoparticles, engineering, art, history, law, and medicine. I recently completed my undergrad degree in chemical and biological engineering and am now an MD/PhD candidate at the University of Colorado.


I was born in Longview, Washington, where I lived until I was 18. After graduating from Mark Morris High School, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, to attend the University of Colorado. 

I developed an extensive research portfolio in college, working for two summers in Dr. Karen Moulton's cardiology lab and two academic years in Dr. Andrew Goodwin's synthetic chemistry group. Additionally, I was a student researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for a year, where I worked with Dr. Kavita Jeerage in the Materials for Biological Environments Group.

I produced a substantial body of work ranging from mathematical analysis of honeybee flight to a novel spinal hydrogel implant proposal in individual and collaborative efforts. A portfolio of my undergraduate projects is available to view and download in the projects section of this site.

My creative writing has been featured in Journal 2020 and my research has been presented at NIST and the International Vascular Biology Meeting. In 2016, I was awarded Honorable Mention, Mackison Writing Prize at CU Boulder for my video essay on sound physics Don't Trust Your Ears: Physical and Digital Sound Manipulation, which I followed up with my 2017 video essay Re-Recording the Record: Pseudotranslation and Pseudotranscription in Media and Reality.

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